Regrettably, In This Moment have been forced to cancel their upcoming European tour due to an injury sustained by lead guitarist Chris Howorth.  He is currently being treated and unable to perform for the foreseeable future. 
Chris tells us; “The people closest to me already know, but sadly, now it’s time for the world to know.  I have injured my neck and am unable to move my head more than an inch or two in any direction & I now have the burden of making some pretty weighty decisions for myself.  In order to continue performing live, I am aggressively seeking treatment & must remain at home in Los Angeles.  I am devastated that our European shows are affected by this but in order to keep moving forward with the band, it’s imperative to work on getting better.  I cannot express how appreciative I am that we have such amazing fans & loving support from all over the world.  I feel as if I’m letting you down & it breaks my heart.  I truly hope to see you all again in the near future.” 

Frontwoman Maria Brink says “It is so heartbreaking to me that we have to cancel this tour.  The last time we were in Europe, I felt such fire & magic at the shows – I have been absolutely dying to get back.  It’s a raw, rare energy that left a serious impact on us.  It’s probably easy for everyone to think “why don’t you just go without Chris,” but the truth is, he is my partner, brother & one of my closest friends.  Throughout the years, Chris has stood strong by my side through everything – he’s never left me behind.  I can’t bring myself to do this tour without him, it simply would not be IN THIS MOMENT.  Our fans would not be getting a true ITM show without him.  We take this very seriously & are so deeply sorry to have to do this.  We have unconditional LOVE our Europe fans.  Chris is on top of taking care of himself and I firmly believe he can be back to playing soon. Blood Legion Forever.”
Ticket refunds for the following dates will be honoured at the point of purchase.

Wed 25th May – LONDON Forum

Thu 26th May – BIRMINGHAM Institute

Fri 27th May – MANCHESTER Academy

Sat 28th May – GLASGOW Academy


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