In celebration for Game of Thrones returning to our screens, we’ve teamed up with Eat Defeat to premiere their latest single ‘The North Remembers’ from their upcoming E.P ‘Time & Tide’.

We spoke with Summers, the vocalist & bassist about the latest release:

“So we figured with everyone super excited about the season premiere of Game Of Thrones airing last night/today, we’d take this unique opportunity to drop a brand new song from our forthcoming EP, ‘Time & Tide’, which just so happens to be named after an episode of the show: ‘The North Remembers’.

It’s buried away towards the end of the EP, but it’s definitely one of our favourites. Sadly, it’s not actually about anything remotely connected to Game Of Thrones.

Some early reviews we’ve seen have labelled it as a ‘break up song’ which is pretty interesting, but not really accurate. It’s more about a general feeling of anxiety when you realise someone you’re relying on just doesn’t have their heart in it anymore. About trying to compromise and make sacrifices to try and regain their commitment but ultimately just having to have the strength to say ‘fuck this, I’m better off without you.’

Being the only original member of a band that’s now over 5 years old, it’s pretty much a regular occurrence in my life. I’m probably just a massive wanker who’s impossible to work with though. Or I’m the king of the north, whatever.”

eat defeat

Time & Tide is available for pre-order here!

‘Time & Tide’ is set to be released on 11th June via Umlaut Records




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