9 stars

On the second night of their sell out tour, Moose Blood fill the 1865 and prepare to give  Southampton a night it will remember for a very long time. Despite the fact it has been almost 2 years since the release of their debut album, ‘I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time’, fans are as keen as ever to see the boys hit the stage, patiently awaiting a new track or two.

Photo Credit: Avondale Media

First up are Irish alt-rock newbies Greywind, who proudly announce that this is only their second EVER show as a band, much to the surprise of the growing crowd who have absolutely adored their entire set. Vocalist Steph O’Sullivan oozes passion and energy, ending almost every song on her knees giving absolutely everything she has before getting up and doing it all over again with next song. Greywind are, without a doubt, on their way to a great success. (8/10)

the winter passing
Photo Credit: Avondale Media

Next to the stage are Dublin four-piece The Winter Passing, who do a damn good job of carrying on the good vibes and infectious energy. Their unique blend of indie/pop/rock and the perfect combination of male and female vocals sets them apart from the norm, making everyone pay attention to their irresistibly fun set, while simultaneously sparking debates about snapchat filters and face swaps. (7/10)

moose blood
Photo Credit: Avondale Media

Opening with ‘Swim Down’, the UK’s favourite emo boys Moose Blood are instantly greeted by an adoring crowd, with almost every person in the room joining frontman Eddy to sing his lyrics with him. Their setlist was comprised of every hit from debut album ‘I’ll Keep You In Mind…’ and each song was met with just as much enthusiasm from the crowd as the last. New tracks ‘Honey’ and ‘Glow’ fall upon happy ears, giving the solid impression that Moose Blood’s recent signing to Hopeless Records (and their subsequent second album, coming in August) will be nothing but good. In between crowd surfing and arm-flailing, there are moment when the entire room exudes so much passion you forget anything else exists for a second. Cherry was, without even a shadow of a doubt, the highlight of the night, as the crowd sing along so loudly they drown out Eddy himself, who simply stood back and smiled as he listened to his lyrics fill the room.

Moose blood
Photo Credit: Avondale Media

As Eddy tells the crowd he wrote Anyway for his mother, we get a real quick glance into the real heart of Moose Blood making the song, and indeed the rest of the evening, that little bit more special. Tonight, Moose Blood not only gave a flawless performance musically, but also filled the room with the most perfect atmosphere, as I’m sure they will continue to do for the rest of their sold out UK tour. Roll on album two. (9/10)

Written by Megan Smith (@megansmith405)


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