9 stars

When you think of female fronted bands, the usual suspects come to mind; Hayley Williams, Lyndsey Gunnulfsen & Jenna McDougall, all strong players in their own respective genres, but metalcore has been missing out on this. Step up Faultlines, with two new vocalists, Christina Rotondo & Jake Noakes and their newest release ‘All We’ve Ever Known’. 

Bringing their own style of ferocity, Faultlines open with track ‘Buried’, a melodic metal intro starts it all off creating an atmosphere perfect for Christina to drop in with her clean vocals.

The next track ‘Drowning’ is where Christina comes out into her own, showing off why she  has become so popular on Youtube, with her vocal tones & pitches hitting that spot where your hair starts standing on end and with Jake providing yet again, what is the perfect harsh vocals, kicking the band off into breakdowns that transcend what you usually find from bands in the same genre.

‘Weathered Bones’ is the track where guitarists Benji Wilson, Chris McIntosh & drummer Sie Gordon really stand out amongst the quality vocals that demand your attention, creating something chaotic yet fitting. ‘Call Me Home’ is Sie Gordan’s time again, breaking into the sound with drums to rival those at the top of their game, before the vocals once again mix perfectly. ‘Voices’ being the slower song of the E.P, with Jakes low growls helping create a more emotional track, setting the tone for what has been an extremely strong release from this 6 piece.

This has to be one of my favourite E.P’s released this year, strong in every area and I highly rate Jake’s vocals & in a studio setting come above the likes of Dani from Bury Tomorrow, I just hope that everything comes out just as strong when playing live.

What makes this E.P even better, is that the utter differences between Jake & Christina’s vocals doesn’t hold them back, Jakes emphatic lows and Christina’s higher keys work on their own so well, but when combined you see how much they are to be reckoned with. Use this release, build on it and you can rise to become one of the best. (9/10)

Written by Sean Shore (@seanshorephoto)


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