After teasing their new EP with three single releases in as many months, The Summer War finally release their new EP ‘Cult of You’, with digital copies being available for the small price of 50p from their Bandcamp.

Bassist and vocalist Tom Farr sheds some light onto the band’s thoughts on the record; “We’re really excited to finally release it. We took our time with the build up and made sure each song showed off a different aspect and hopefully got people interested. Now all that’s left is for people to listen to it and hopefully enjoy it!”

Guitarist and vocalist David Ciaramella expands; “We’ve been sitting on this EP for so long now that it’s almost a relief to just get it out there! The reviews have been great so far, and I think the longer we were taking with things like mixing and mastering, the more we’d start to worry about how it was going to be received. But hopefully the good reviews will keep on coming in! We’re also going to be offering free digital downloads of the EP if people come down to the shows this week and pick up a hard copy of our old EP”.

All three members point out that this record is hopefully going to be a stepping stone in further creating and refining their identity. Tom Farr states “This record was basically one big canvas where we put down all our ideas. I think the next record will take elements from this and focus in on the bits we loved, while expanding on them and hopefully going a step further in trying to create something fresh and unique for whoever’s listening”.

The band are touring the record this week with appearances at London (Old Blue Last, Weds 13th), Addlestone (Cave at the Holly Tree, Thurs 14th), Swansea (The Scene, Fri 15th), Liverpool (Maguire’s, Sat 16th), Leeds (Milo’s Bar, Sun 17th).

Track Listing:
Walk With Kings
When The Moon Said Goodbye To The Sun
The Garden
On A Cross


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