10 stars

With a mammoth touring schedule ahead of them Pvris are non-stop this year. More than halfway through their European tour and with a North American tour to go as well as stopping off in Japan, everyone will get the chance to hear Lynn & co.

Photo Credit: Sean Shore Photography

It’s easy to see why Pvris are being dubbed as one of the most exciting bands in music right now, as soon a Lynn Gunnulfsen cross the stage the crowd roars in excitement to get started.

Beginning with ‘Smoke’, ‘Mirrors’ & ‘St Patrick’ could not have started the show off any better, with Lynn commanding the crowd with easy, getting them to clap when she wanted and having everyone hang onto her every word as if she was a god that graced the stage and it’s in these vocals that Lynn truly stands out above any of her competition, showing an industry dominated by male fronted bands exactly how a show should be performed from start to finish.

Photo Credit: Sean Shore Photography

The last time Pvris were in the UK they were supporting Lower Than Atlantis, fast forward a year and their popularity has even outgrown that, surpassing what thought possible in such as small space of time.

But with Lynn’s ability in ‘Fire’ & ‘Holy’ with clean guitar riffs and synths that bring the mood down and help bring the stage alive alongside strobe lights & smoke machines that just adds to the overall production value of the whole set.

Photo Credit: Sean Shore Photography

Finishing off with an encore of their newest song ‘You & I’ & the more upbeat ‘My House’ you only end up wishing that their set was longer as you are definitely left wanting more. Definitely one of the best shows I have been to this year, I really can’t see how they could improve it! (10/10)

Written by Sean Shore (@seanshorephoto)


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