7 stars

Lock & Key have seemingly been everywhere over the past couple of years, from touring UK to the far reaches of Europe, they are surely making a lot of noise for themselves and are hard to ignore and newest release ‘Peaceless’ instills that need to listen up even more.

First track ‘Hostile’ immediately lets everyone know what they are in for in this album, with Rich Lardner’s ferocity shining through, naturally when hardcore music is mentioned I think straight away of Stick To Your Guns who have been consistently been at the top of their game, ‘Unclear State Of Mind’ sounds like it has lifted some of that mayhem and has made it one of their standout tracks, with an uncontrollable need to bang my head to the unrelenting drumming from Josh Murphy.

The one downside that I find with the album is it seems to have been stuck in the rut of hardcore music and each song struggles to deviate from one another and therefore struggle to stand out alone.

‘No Justice’ is the exception here with Sean Midson from Create To Inspire adding in his own vocals which are completely different style but complement Rich’s voice perfectly which makes this my personal favourite track on the album. ‘No Acceptance’ is an addition to the album that comes from their E.P ‘The Divide’ and it hasn’t gotten old, with visceral qualities that make people want to through themselves around the room, which I’m sure happens at every live show anyway!

Overall this is a tight album, Lock & Key have managed to achieve exactly what they set out to do; make a hardcore album that is completely their own and encapsulates the savagery that they accomplish when playing live, throw in a bit more variation next time and you’ll be completing with the best, which this early on in their career is no mean feat. (7/10)

‘Peaceless’ is out on 8th April via Crooked Noise

Written by Sean Shore (@seanshorephoto)



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