EMP!RE are an enigmatic five piece, rock band from the South West of England, that bend the rules defining ‘genres’ within music. Combining edgy metal riffs, with a vocal range reaching entirely new heights, this band are creating huge chorus’ with masterful dynamics.

After the release of their EP, ‘Birth’ in late 2012 their debut Mini Album ‘Where the World Begins’, in 2013 with Chris Coulter (Arcane Roots, Trails, A Plastic Rose), the band are now thrilled to announce the release of their next EP, ‘Our Simple Truths’, set for release on May 20th. The EP was also recorded and produced by Chris Coulter.

‘We created something we are really proud of with this EP.  We just decided to write a collection of songs which had no limit as to what we decided to do with them, no boundaries to be confined too and no set pattern to follow.  These songs are just sounds we would want to listen to ourselves and creations we made from the back of a van, a garage or a full studio.  We just wanted it to sound like EMP!RE and what we wanted this band to be and we are happy with the way these songs portray that vibe’  – EMP!RE

Track Listing; 
1. Hands and Tongues
2. Sparrows
3. Sights
4. Patchwork and Bone
5. Sweet Apollo (Brighter than the Sun)




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