6 stars

It goes without saying that it’s often frowned up bringing an infant to the pub.

Obviously. However Gloucester-based alt-rockers Elessar, being only one year in the making themselves shouldn’t be turned away from any venue because of this. Their sound is an combination of Brit-rockers Lower Than Atlantis and the American pop-punk scene monsters Set Your Goals.

Elessar swing towards the pop end of the alternative rock spectrum, with hooks in their choruses fans could sing along with, and gang chants to get the whole crowd involved with. This always works well in a live environment, but does it translate in a recording environment?

Their debut release ‘Reflections’ is a well produced, very clean sounding EP. The track that sticks out the most is the second on the EP, ‘My Skin’; it seems to draw from a lot more sources for influence than the four that make up the rest of the release. With tight harmonies in the chorus, and a dynamic shift that moves from fast and aggressive to quiet and emotional, it stands out on record for me as a song that could make an impact.

While their premier release has limited faults to actually hone in on, there’s a problem with their recipe; it’s been done before. In a world where over-saturation of the market is rife and bands without a unique niche can often blend into the background, these guys aren’t really doing anything crazy to push boundaries. It is because of this accessible, inoffensive soundscape that Elessar will continue to gain a strong following around the UK and if their live sound can match their consistency on record they will grow. By no means are these guys worth ignoring; what they do, they do very well. But if you’re looking for something that is offering something massively different, unique and outlandish, at this point in their career these guys might not be able to offer you that.

FFO: Lower Than Atlantis // Set Your Goals


Review by Fred Whatmore


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