The energetic four piece from Leeds are back with their striking post – hardcore sound. The band have had a strong DIY work ethic since their formation in 2011, having self-produced/released two EP’s (‘Transitions’ and ‘Wake’) in 2012 and a self-titled album in 2013. Cold Summer has also been responsible for self-booking an album release tour and UK tour with US band He Is Legend in 2014.

When talking about the writing and recording process for their new EP ‘Fight To Survive’ the band went on to say: “Compared to previous releases we certainly spent a lot more time on writing these songs, revisiting but refining ideas as we went along and certainly exploring new ground.  We’ve always really been in our eyes a fairly well-prepared band for recording sessions but, we took that experience a lot further this time around, to really get to know each others parts as well as our own. We finished writing it after we finished the He Is Legend tour back at the end of 2014 and we recorded the EP with Mike Bennett (Empires Fade) at his studio in Cheshire, over two sessions.”

The band went on to talk about the EP in further detail: “We’ve certainly set out with ‘Fight To Survive’ to step up and show how we’ve progressed over the years. There was a feeling mutually between us and that includes fans that the last recordings we’d released hadn’t really captured how we wanted to sound on record and hadn’t carried over the characteristics we liked from playing live, collectively this is the first recording we’ve put out that we’re happy with especially in this department for sure!”

‘Fight To Survive’ is a five-track release that was released on April 1st.
–    Bear Eats Wolf
–    A Time Imagination Forgot To Inspire
–    Car Crash (In Progress)
–    Coins Fall (But Don’t Make It)
–    Waiting

The EP release is very personal to vocalist Dan Feast as the EP focuses on the anxiety he faces in modern everyday life.


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