Portsmouth is a hotbed of metalcore fury and rising from the carnage are Forever In Depths. With a brand new EP titled ‘Darkness’ being released on 29th April, the band are leading with the title track on 8th April. 

Forever In Depths are pleased to announce details of the ‘Darkness’ EP including the track listing and artwork. The title track features Luke Boyle of Saint[The]Sinner on guest vocals, and firmly stamps what Forever In Depths are about, powerful, in your face melodic metalcore!

Formed late 2011 as the band ‘Where’s The Addiction’ the band have built up a strong fan base locally and are looking to push on further afield. 2012 saw the release of the bands debut EP ‘The Lost And Found’ which saw the band move onto play shows in London and Southampton.

More recently Forever In Depths have played shows whenever they have had the opportunity, alongside bands like Networks and Cardinal Bay and festivals such as Butserfest. This year is just getting started for the band, expect to see and hear more of them throughout 2016.

‘Darkness’ Tracklisting
1. The Storm
2. Darkness (Feat Luke Boyle)
3. Behind Our Eyes


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