6 stars

With 2016 being a successful year so far for rock band 48hours, with tours supporting the likes of Ashestoangels & As It Is and a headline tour in February, they are now set to release album their full-length album, ‘Expectations’.

Dropping into the first track ‘Martyr’ shows you what you are in for gritty and well made rock music and the same goes for the next track ‘Given Up’, definitely not breaking the mould of rock music, but its doesn’t seem like they need to. It fits perfectly into the genre they are in, with memorable riffs and some killer drumming.

‘No More’ is my favourite track on the album, it opens up with a riff-machine which creates a really catchy tune and one definitely to get the crowd going when played live! ‘Gone’ is the song that slows down the album with well written lyrics that you are sure to hear the emotion and the passion that went into writing this song.

Next song ‘Forget’ goes back to the usual riff cycle, while I was enjoying the way these songs were written at the start of the album its just too similar to other songs in the album and i’m starting to get bored of it. ‘Violent Addiction’ will be another crowd pleaser where the start of the song can be used perfectly for a chant definitely not one to miss off their live set. Title track ‘Expectations’ is the last album off this release and really shows off lead vocalists, vocal prowess and ability to write good meaningful lyrics.

All in all, ‘Expectations’ is nothing special, it’s a good album that I could listen to but not one that I’d remember, there is too little variation between tracks and it holds the whole album back. 6/10

Written by Sean Shore (@seanshorephoto)



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