What was a pretty terrible day, Crossfaith were sure to light things up and they brought one hell of a lineup with them in the form of The One HundredThe Qemists

Up first were The One Hundred and this will have been my second time seeing them since they played Takedown Fest in 2015 and they have certainly upped their game, this would have been even more the case if the power didn’t keep on cutting half way through a song. So four times the power cut in the middle of their set and I guess it took its toll as bassist Phil Kneller started shouting how shit the venue was and that they needed to sort themselves out before storming off the stage and knocking over equipment. For what I did get to see of them The One Hundred are sure to be a band that blows up soon, and it was refreshing to see them on a lineup that actually matched their music style. (6/10)

the one hundred
Photo Credit: Sean Shore Photography

The Qemists were up next and since their first album ‘Join The Q’ I’ve loved what they have produced and are now promoting their 3rd studio album ‘Warrior Sound’. Nothing could ever prepare me though for how much The Qemists were born to be on the stage, easily surpassing anything anyone can accomplish on a studio album alone, with rock infused Drum & Bass, this was a band where the drummer can easily come out on his own and be at the top of his game throughout the whole set.

This was made even better during ‘Stompbox’ where they mixed up their usual track to become more junglist and when Bruno Balanta started pulling out the moves reminiscent of Koop from the film Human Traffic. Overall, they smashed it and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more! (9/10)

Photo Credit: Sean Shore Photography

Crossfaith turned up next in their usual fashion, coming on one at a time and preparing the crowd for when Koie Kenta stepped up and crashed straight into the first song of their newest album ‘Xeno’. With Koie top notch vocals & the overall stage presence of the other 4 members this was one hell of a show that they were able to put on, but despite not being able to use all their lighting setup due to the ongoing venue power issues, this did not take anything away from what they were able to do, with Koie even jumping down and crowdsurfing.

Photo Credit: Sean Shore Photography

Nothing is ever over though with Crossfaith finishing up their set, an encore was announced jumping into their cover of The Prodigy’s ‘Omen’ recreating it in their own style and getting the crowd off their feet as much as possible. These guys aren’t advertised as a party band but with their ‘electornicore’ music style, it is inevitable that the bring a party with them to every venue & festival they play and they annihilated The Slade Rooms. (9/10)


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