Cumbria rockers Willowside Park have announced their latest EP, “Hollowed Out”. The EP drops on April 8th is available to pre-order via Bandcamp.

Formed in the summer of 2012, Willowside Park assimilated from two covers bands playing in Millom, Cumbria. With ambitions greater than renditions of ‘What’s My Age Again’ in local pubs, the six young men set their sights on penning new material and soon found a chemistry in their new identity.

After the release of promising but green “Deadlines”, Willowside Park re-grouped, furthering their balance and instrumental cohesion, culminating in May 2015’s “What’s Stopping Me?”. Showing a decided step-up in form from their rookie effort, Willowside Park integrate influences from across alternative music, fusing thoughtful and emotive rock with buoyant punk; a melodic and thoroughly infectious addition to the UK alternative music scene.

“What’s Stopping Me” gained praise from rock circles both locally and across the UK, with tracks earning airtime on BBC Introducing in Cumbria and the band following up their first UK tour with an appearance at Fury Fest, sharing the stage with the likes of Man Overboard, Decade and Boston Manor.

A band whose urgency and drive sees a continual improvement from record to record and show to show, Willowside Park has delivered their most complete effort to date with “Hollowed Out”.


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