Hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania; From Ashes To New features double front-men Matt Brandyberry, responsible for the relentless twisting verses, and Chris Musser, delivering razor edged vocals and they are already dealing in the sort of arena-ready anthems that will make you want to kick your 9-5 into the middle of next week.

Fuelled by the monotony of dead end jobs in a small, post-industrial blue collar town, FATN have written a collection of gut mangling tracks blending rap, rock, metal and riffs to create a dynamic aural antidote to the modern life grind. We managed to get some time to ourselves with Matt to talk about From Ashes To New, their accomplishments & influences.

With the style of music that From Ashes To New creates, it is inevitable that you are compared to the likes of Linkin Park, how do you feel about being compared to that & other similar bands in particular?
Linkin Park is arguably one of the biggest bands to ever grace this planet, so we have no complaints about being compared to them. There are many bands that sound similar these days due to them writing in the same stylistic genres. There aren’t many bands that do or have even attempted doing what we do, so we are aware that these particular comparisons will arise.

What made you want to create music in this genre of music?
It’s just what came out when I began writing. There has never been a time where I’ve tried to create something specific. I write what I feel and it comes out From Ashes to New.

In your latest release ‘Downfall’, what were your influences for the writing of this E.P?
Everything we write is inspired by life and most by personal experience. We want to convey the message of self empowerment and hope.

You have quite a few members in the band, did any of these different influences from so many people ever clash with each other?
We’ve never had the problem with all of our influences clashing. To this point it has only worked in our favor.

You’ve toured with numerous bands with big followings, form P.O.D to Five Finger Death Punch. Who has been your favourite to tour with & how have they helped you grow as individuals and as a band?
I’m not sure I can pick any favorites. All the bands have been incredibly professional and accommodating. It’s an honor to be in the same lineup as such prestigious acts and have the ability to learn from these veterans every night.

Your upcoming release ‘Day One’ is coming closer to release date, what can we expect from your first full length release?
We put our everything into this record. I feel it’s an emotional roller coaster of highs and lows in life. Our goal is to convey the message of self empowerment. Believing in yourself is one of the hardest things to do these days and we want to help people be strong once again. “Day One” is the beginning of our story.

‘Day One’ is available to purchase now via Better Noise Records/Eleven Seven Music

Interview by Sean Shore (@seanshorephoto)


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