From the ashes of Blitz Kids comes Away Days. Fronted by guitarist and vocalist Jono Yates and also featuring Matt Freer and Nic Montgomery (all ex-Blitz Kids), Away Days can now announce the release of their debut, self-titled EP on May 6th through Speaking Tongues.

The EP follows the release of first single ‘Messiah’ earlier this year, which you can listen to/download from RockSound.comThe band will also be performing at this years Slam Dunk Festival over the bank holiday weekend in May, on the acoustic stage that has just been announced today. More UK live dates to be announced very soon.

Jono Yates explains exactly WHY he formed this band and WHY Blitz Kids had to come to an end – “It feels amazing to be making music that we all love again. These upcoming shows are going to be amazing. I’m pretty nervous about singing a whole set and might not be able to get as sh**faced as usual but we’ll see how it goes.”

“We just wanted to play music that we felt comfortable playing again. We were all brought up on punk rock and on our last album, we abandoned all of our principles and lost our way. Now we’re firmly grounded, focused and just making songs we’d actually want to listen to. Over the last 4 years, we’ve been moulded and marketed by an industry that we grew to hate. That was why it had to end.”

“Now we’re doing everything on our own with the help of some close friends we met during our time as Blitz Kids who we trust. I took out an overdraft to pay for this recording and even drew the artwork myself. It’s DIY through and through. It reminds me of the old days and why we started making music together in the first place, and it’s an exciting time for us! We’re currently writing the album that we’ll be recording later in the year. More shows will be in the pipeline including some headliners for sure.”

Away Days, self-titled EP track listings:

1. Messiah
2. Through The Night*
3. Give Me My Life Back
4. I Look Alright (But I’m Not)

Pre-order the EP – HERE


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