10 stars

Arriving at Scala tonight, I could already tell the show was going to be packed and equally mental, with a line almost going round the corner, full of fans raring to get inside. 

Seeing as how long the line was outside, I missed the first half of Giant’s set, but as I walked into the venue they were already knee deep in their loud and fast paced set. As they kicked into ‘Break The Cycle’ the crowd definitely started to loosen up and got them ready for what was to come later in the night. A tight set but failed to get the crowd going on a lot of songs. (6/10)

Photo Credit: JOE PHOTO

A short while after, the hardcore punks from Israel, Kids Insane took to the stage. It didn’t take them very long to pull the crowd from the edge of the venue to the barrier with songs like ‘Frustrated’ and ‘Same Shit, Different Scene’. As the band entered into ‘Story of a Lonely Street’, front man Corey continued to scream off mic the entrance to the song, his voice somehow travelling to the back of the venue and being louder than the guitar, which I thought was quite a feat. Another highlight for me was during ‘Don’t Need This’ when the whole band and quite a few fans from the crowd screamed “I’M ONLY FUCKING HUMAN” to then drop back into the heavy guitar and faced paced drums. (8/10)

Up next were Break Even, all the way from Perth, Australia. Starting things off with an energetic rendition of their song ‘The Truth’, instantly started the mosh pits and eccentric fans clambering over others to get the front to sing with their favourite band from down under. Break Even definitely continued to keep the crowds energy up during songs like ‘Trouble Maker’ and ‘October 27th, mosh and circle pits galore during their 40 minute set which seemed a lot longer than it was. The Aussie lads closed their set with ‘November 18th which not only got the crowd going crazy but also getting them excited for what was to come after. (8/10)

The lights dropped low as Defeater walked on stage, the crowd hungry for what was about to happen. Frontman Derek Archambault did not come to mess around with them dropping straight into ‘Unanswered’ which got a huge reaction from the crowd, instantly starting pit after pit. The carnage didn’t stop as ‘December 1943’ and ‘Bastards’ came swiftly after. The band then took a minute to thank the support bands and the crowd for coming to see them, which they would do quite a few more times during their set. The set continued, being full of many more killer songs, with ‘Spared in Hell’ and a meaningful version of ‘Dear Father’ to name just a couple; just when the crowd were at their peak, Derek thanked the crowd and announced the end of their set to many peoples dislike.

Photo Credit: JOE PHOTO

A roar of “WE WANT MORE, WE WANT MORE” echoed through Scala as the stage dipped into darkness, after a couple of minutes of continuous chanting from the crowd, Defeater strode back on stage to everyone’s approval. They then finished the night with ‘Empty Glass’ and ‘ The Red, White and Blues’, seeing many people crowd surf over the barrier and Derek countering by constantly immersing himself into the front row, getting fans to sing the final few songs with him.

Overall an outstanding performance by Defeater, leaving London craving for more; by that performance no doubt they will be back extremely soon. (10/10)

Review By Joe Dick 


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