8 stars

Rory Indiana are, in the scheme of things, relative newcomers to the alternative rock scene, but don’t let this fool you, their sound stems from experienced musicians, confident songwriters experimental artists. Rory Indiana are a breath of fresh air in an industry that has been inhaling a recycled atmosphere for too long.

This Brighton based 4-piece have meshed heavy riffs with poppy interludes and catchy choruses; an idea that rarely comes off unless you’re as big as Biffy Clyro. Rory Indiana have taken this approach and to be honest, nailed it. I feel however it is that same variety that gripped me, that also lost me towards the end – these guys have a huge amount to offer and I feel ‘Ruling Class Crooks’ doesn’t shed enough light on them to really show us the band that lies beneath.

The opener, the self-titled track of the EP, ‘Ruling Class Crooks’ comes swinging punches at you with big hooks and unique, borderline awkward grooves. As we move forward into ‘Leave Me’ we get a sense of their ability to write a catchy song without compromising the heavier side of the band’s influences. Towards the tail end of the album ‘Burnout Behaviour’ shows us the rougher side of the band. The direction of the songwriting is interesting and dynamic with Rory Kane’s vocals feeling more unique and individual on this track than the two that precede it. As we summarise with ‘Self Sabotage’ we move through a story as Rory tells it. The raw emotion that comes through at the end of this track, along with the dynamic range displayed by these guys and their instruments is impressive to hear conveyed so well on record and is on par with the likes of Arcane Roots.

On the first listen you might not get this band, and that’s fine. By the fourth listen you’ll probably start to understand where they’re coming from – and that’s also fine. If I’m honest this this EP didn’t grip me straight away, and I was critical and unsure of what they were aiming for. However when a band’s sound is diverse; when they draw from so many different artists for inspiration; when the singer can put his heart and more into his vocal style; when the instrumentation moves to places you didn’t anticipate; you really have to give an EP time to develop. And when that sound develops into a bouquet of flavours you’ll be grateful you left it to breathe for a while.

FFO: Biffy Clyro // Arcane Roots

Written by Fred Whatmore


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