8 stars

It was a night to remember on Friday as I Cried Wolf played their first hometown show in Banbury since 2014 after numerous tours up and down the country.

With no supports bands, all anyone could do was to drink even more than they would have done originally, whether this would be a good thing had yet to been seen but by their stage time, the venue was packed with friends, family & people who had just rolled in off the street.

In the usual I Cried Wolf way, no one stayed still for long, right from the get go, breaking into every song from their recent release ‘Hollow Heart’ with renewed vigour, even going back in time and playing an oldie, ‘Cure’ for which everyone loved as if it was a brand new song. The crowd did love new ones too, so when they announced they were to play a new song ‘BRKN’, it continued the tradition of being a crazy live show, with vocalist Harry Davies belting out what will be an anthem of a song!

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. But not quite yet, with the crowd shouting for one more song, then giving the crowd the opportunity the choose which song they wanted. The winner, ‘It Takes A Slave’, one of the only times I have seen a song that had already been played, repeated for an encore.

This did not take anything away from the overall night though as a circle pit was then requested, one of the first to happen in AKA and with many mic grabs occurring it wasn’t long before Harry was doing a ‘Frank Carter’ and spending the rest of the song on top of the crowd with guitarist Alex running about the crowd like he didn’t have guitar in his hands, though it did come back to bite him as he returned to the stage with his guitar in two.

I Cried Wolf
Photo: Keir French

The great thing about live rock music is that it doesn’t matter if it isn’t perfect, if its a little sloppy, it doesn’t have to be highly polished & perfect and I Cried Wolf master this, not perfect but still so good! 8/10

Written by Sean Shore (@seanshorephoto)


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