I spent the day walking around Bath, and I have no idea how HECK pulled a crowd to this show. The place was far too quaint to hold people that angry. That being said, Moles was the perfect venue for tonight. 

Local lads An Arcane Dispute opened the show. I’m not too sure what this band were trying to do. Half the members looked like they were straight out of an indie band and the others, metal. This definitely showed in their songs, it didn’t sound like they could agree on one thing.

Other than that, it was a tight set. Vocalist Sammy Crocker’s stage presence was intense as he looked like he was having a seizure. I’m not saying seizures are cool… but he made it cool. (6/10)

Quiet Man from Plymouth were on next and showed us the definition of ‘short man syndrome’. Overall they were just a typical hardcore band. Straight up angry man music for angry people who hate their lives. Not bad.

Something has to be said about their song writing. How the fuck they structured their songs is beyond me. Although when you’re going that nuts it doesn’t really matter what you are playing.

It wasn’t proper hardcore though. Nothing was broken. (6/10) 

This is where things start to get a little weird. Belgium boys Raketkanon take to the stage without their Vocalist. Unfortunately illness had struck, but the show went on anyway. Bristol legend, Big Jeff then decided it was a good time to show everyone his beautiful pipes and sang for them for a song. Nuts. Why isn’t he in a band?

When your drummer spends more time in the crowd than on stage in between songs, you know this band doesn’t give a fuck. The entire set was so dysfunctional, yet still the best thing we’ve seen all evening.

The highlight for most of this crowd was Jonny from HECK singing two songs with the band. If you want to call it singing? Sure.

I dug it. (8/10) 

Holy fuck.

Is there any point in even writing anything for HECK? You know exactly what happened, even if you weren’t there. 4 sweaty men tearing the stage apart, spending most of the time in the crowd, standing on tables, chairs, monitors, people, more tables, more people.

I don’t know what I witnessed. Whether or not it was pure genius, or it was so bad that they’ve just fooled people into thinking they’re good with their nuts live performance and witty banter with the crowd.

Either way, I need a lie down. (Something out of 10)

Review by Mike Hayden (@mikeofmck)



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