8 stars

The past four albums from The Word Alive I have been unable to fault and with their latest album ‘Dark Matter’ out on the 18th March, expectations are high to be able to carry their success to a bigger and better album than their last.

Changing your musical direction can either propel your band to greater things or can kill your musical career and The Word Alive have managed to differentiate their sound with each album to create a unique experience and this is no different with ‘Dark Matter’ .

‘Dark Matter’ opens up with ‘Dreamer’ an eerie track that sucks you in with the clean vocals and keeps you hanging on long enough to get you onto the next track ‘Trapped’, this is where they come into their own and stand out amongst the crowd, with the raw power and ferocity that is required of a single and for me its the bass that stands out most as making it a killer track and having the vocals to top it all off nicely!

Meshing influences together from a range of genres can be a hard one to accomplish for a lot of bands but The Word Alive show why they never fear to stray from the beaten path with what they are willing to create with ‘Face To Face’ and using hard hitting lyrics that makes the need to listen to this album even greater.

With a very ‘BMTH’ feel to the intro of ‘Suffocating’ that brings a fresh breath of air and brings even more well thought out lyrics that anyone can relate to. ‘Piece of Me’ is another great track and with vocals added from Alicia Solombrino of Beautiful Bodies, the mix perfectly to create an effect revealing even more emotion behind the song.

It’s the title track ‘Grunge’  which is my favourite of the album and for obvious reasons, using its name to full effect, there is a definite grunge/punk feel to the song and with the spot on clean vocals mixed in with the screams,  which then breaks down to guitar chugs and rising drums to meld into one of the best songs of the album.

The Word Alive have completely annihilated the competition with this release, creating something fresh and new but not so different that it would alienate hardcore fans. With each new release The Word Alive up the ante and this is no different, creating an album that has everything you would ever look for and more.

Written by Sean Shore (@seanshorephoto)


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