Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros have shared the video for their song ‘No Love Like Yours’ which was directed by actress Olivia Wilde and shot in New Orleans; the same city where the band recorded their upcoming album ‘PersonA’ (out 15th April).
For a band that has always made spectacular videos, ‘No Love Like Yours’ may be its most visually arresting and provocative to date which is all the more remarkable considering it was shot completely on iPhones.

Speaking to Mashable, Olivia Wilde explained the reason behind this decision “I wanted to shoot it in an interesting and innovative way. I thought, let’s shoot it on an iPhone…I am particularly inspired by watching people walk around with devices, and how [they have] encouraged the average person to be more creative. The process of mourning in New Orleans is pretty different than in the rest of the American culture The concept of the funeral as a celebration with music and dance is more present there. I’ve always been very inspired by that.”

A good deal of the songs on ‘PersonA’ were written by all ten band members collectively. Writing would often begin with a member playing his instrument not even knowing where the song would go with principal songwriter and singer Alex Ebert encouraging and directing the song’s shape yielding wonderfully unique ends. It’s little wonder that Rolling Stone wrote that PersonA is the band’s “most risk-taking, freewheeling album yet.”
Along with the video, Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros have announced an extensive US tour for Spring/Summer 2016. The tour dates will follow a string of intimate shows on the “PersonA Preview Tour” a small tour of sold out underplays in select cities where the band will preview the upcoming album, and performances at Coachella as well.

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