7 stars

Tonight was like walking into hell. Screaming teenagers everywhere and drunk as fuck adults thinking they’re still ‘Hip’ and ‘With It’. The misleading title of ‘The Madness Tour’, made me feel a little led on. 

Unfortunately (or not?) due to the first band playing before everyone was able to enter the building, I missed Beach Weather’s whole set.

Shortly afterward, the acoustic duo, This Wild Life, hit the stage opening with ‘History’. The band lack a certain something, even with a backing track of strings in some songs, it still felt very empty.

as it is
Photo Credit: Ali Horton Photography

The stage layout also felt incredibly awkward with a drum kit stood between the two members. However at the end of the set for ‘Concrete’ guitarist, Anthony Del Grosso, took to the kit to give a bit more depth to the otherwise incredibly boring set.

During their set, I became alarmingly aware of how cold it was in the venue. Probably not the best thing to comment on, but there really is not a lot to say about this bland band. (5/10)

As It Is put me into good spirits by coming onto the music ‘Hollaback Girl’ by Gwen Stafani. This was shortly ruined by ‘singer’ Patty Walters nasally squeaking his way through their set with no real definition, so I have no idea what the hell he was going on about. However the mic tricks he was pulling out of the bag were rather impressive. This did not make up for the lack of vocal talent.

On the plus side the band members had a lot of energy. The crowd clearly seemed to find something good about them as they sang along.

Of course halfway through the set they pull out the unnecessary acoustic guitar, that the vocalist looks like he is struggling to play, and they ‘slow it down a bit’. I don’t think I heard any of the guitar.

Again, still feeling bloody chilly… (6/10) 

Sleeping With sirens
Photo Credit: Ali Horton Photography

I understand there is a longer gap in between the support bands and the headliners, but half an hour of waiting seemed a bit stupid, seeing as all the gear was already set up on stage.

Anyway, welcome to the Kellin Quinn show… Oops, I mean Sleeping With Sirens, the boy band dressed as rock stars, have graced the stage.

In all seriousness, I was very taken aback by the onstage performance by these guys. The light and stage show was incredible, with a wall of lights surrounding the drum riser, there was a lot of clever lightening matching the songs. And the bands interaction with the crowd was almost enough to get me excited for what was to come.

Photo Credit: Ali Horton Photography

The crowd was lapping this up. The noise coming from them was a wall of deafening sound. As the band kicked into second song ‘Go Go Go’ it was impossible to hear Kellin’s vocals over the singing along. As every song comes to an end, there is always an irritating sound coming from the vocalist. The adlibs coming from Kellin really do show that he feels he should be the centre of attention.

Before kicking into ‘Parasites’, Kellin let the crowd know that this was the highest song he had to sing and he hopes he can hit the notes. Again, I have no idea if he did or not. The crowd really was singing louder thaN the guys on stage.

Overall the set was incredibly tight, and it worked really well for the fans of the music. (7/10) 

Review by Mike Hayden (@mikeofmck)


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