We Came From Wolves return with single ‘Ruiner’, out March 18th 2016. The single is taken from their self-titled debut album, which was released last year via Saraseto Records.

The album gained praise from Rock Sound, The Sunday Herald, The Daily Record, Team Rock, Amazing Radioand XFM amongst others and although Ruiner is taken from their last album, it feels like a fresh start for the band. After the success of the album and winning the Best Alternative Rock category at 2015’s Scottish Alternative Music Awards, We Came From Wolves have since had a line-up change with new members Andy Donaldson and Michael MacKay joining founding members Kyle Burgess and Robert Whytock.

“Ruiner is a frank and bleak self-assessment of a dark period in my early 20’s,” says frontman Burgess. “The song battles the realisation of pain you are causing others through selfish choices and lifestyles, and opens up to the failures in my life at that point.” It’s apt that the single features as the penultimate track on the album, with final track ‘I Need Something’ offering a glimmer of hope, showing progression, a different mindset and what is yet to come. We Came From Wolves’ album is one of self-discovery and single Ruiner shows us the end of that journey. .

Musically, the band are influenced by Arctic Monkeys and fellow Scots Biffy Clyro. Ruiner reflects Biffy’s earlier sound – there’s a raw energy and urgency about the single. However, despite these influences, We Came From Wolves have very much made this sound their own and with a Highlands tour confirmed for March 2016, a new EP planned later in the year and festival announcements to come, the band continue to make their mark as one of Scotland’s most exciting new alt rock bands.

Ruiner is out March 18th 2016 via Saraseto Records.


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