It’s really refreshing to hear a band that is completely different from everyone else in its own genres and ‘How Do We Fix This’ from alt-pop group Shields delivers just that.

Breaking into the first track ‘Technicolour’, is now one of my favourite songs with a melody that worms its way into your head and you find yourself humming along to at random times in your day. The same occurs in ‘Face To Face’ with a beat that you just have to move to makes it a track that you can never skip on your playlist.

‘Say What You Need’ is one of the tracks that can throw you back in time to the 60s with electronic synths and strong vocals that creates a feel of an incredibly chilled out, more relaxed Don Broco.

‘How Can We Fix This’ is the title track to the album and it proves why, while this and every song on this album is purposefully minimal, this does not take away from what these lads have managed to create, which is a killer album with song after song managing to hit that spot which has you at least tapping your feet and bobbing your head to the beat.

It’s ‘Drones’ that I enjoyed most, being on of the upbeat songs and with perfect harmonies and overlapping vocals, I am unable to find any faults. ‘I Don’t Know What You Want’ opens with a synths reminiscent of The Who’s ‘Who Are You’ but does’t feel like it has used anything from them as it breaks into the vocals and creates its own musical feel.

‘How Can We Fix This’ is a top notch album and the lads in Shields have pulled out all the stops to make this as good as it can be and I completely believe this is exactly that! 9/10

Review by Sean Shore (@seanshorephoto)


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