10 stars

Tonight was an adventure, to say the very least. Arriving at The Talking Heads to find out it was no longer The Talking Heads and was in fact a boarded up, shut down pub was pretty daunting, but I figured it could only get better from there, once we finally found the right venue. And I was right.

Glasgow boys Fatherson released their incredible debut album, ‘I Am An Island’, back in 2014 and have had a pretty good run ever since, touring with bands like Enter Shikari and Panic! At The Disco. But tonight, they headline The Talking Heads, bringing a little touch of irresistible Scottish magic to Southampton.

First up are openers Submariner, a 4 piece South Coast band with an immediately warming vibe to them, spinning through well written, well performed tracks to a captivated audience. As the room starts to slowly fill up, Newcastle boys Boy Jumps Ship are next to take to the stage, playing an energetic set of tracks that did the perfect job of warming up the crowd.

boy jumps ship
Photo Credit: Avondale Media

Finally, headliners Fatherson are up, opening with new(ish) track ‘Always’, before playing the crowd pleasing classic, ‘Hometown’. Frontman Ross Leighton effortlessly lullabies the crowd with his impressive vocals, thanking the crowd every other song and smiling every single time they sing back at him. It comes as no surprise that ‘Forest’ – a new song from Fatherson’s forthcoming album, ‘Open Book’ – goes down an absolute treat, as does ‘Just Past The Point Of Breaking’, another perfect little teaser of the new album, which is out on June 3rd. These are the only new tracks they dare to play as part of their set, instead choosing to prioritise the songs the fans know, and running through a flawless setlist of tracks from ‘I Am An Island’. ‘Foreign Waters’ was a gleaming highlight of the evening, as Ross took to the stage to perform it on his own, with just one guitar behind his perfect, smooth vocals.

Photo Credit: Avondale Media

Proving that it really is a thing to leave the best until last, Fatherson gave the most perfect encore. Leighton melts every heart in the crowd with heart felt ballad ‘An Island’, before the rest of the band join him and launch into their latest single, Lost Little Boys, giving their fans one last chance to dance – a chance they embrace with open arms. By the end of the evening, after finishing the set with James, there is not one unimpressed person in the room, and quite rightly so. Fatherson have it all – they are undeniably talented, humble and simply lovely, both to watch and to listen to. The release of a new album is bound to project them into the limelight, and I’m not sure there are many people who deserve it more. 10/10

Review by Megan Smith (@megansmith405)


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