Best of Enemies, the young alternative outfit hailing from Croydon have returned once again with another triumphant single in the form of ‘Sorry State‘, which is now premiering over on MOSH

Having bounced onto the scene with their debut EP ‘Stay Young, Trust Me’ in 2014, the band have spent their time since developing their highly appealing sound, playing shows wherever they can, alongside the likes of YearbookBellevue Days and Miss Vincent, whilst also working hard to garner an organic fanbase through their sheer love and passion for the music they create.

Following on from last years single ‘All of my Mistakes‘, ‘Sorry State‘ focuses largely on the struggles they face as young men trying to follow their dream in music, whilst having to work a dead end job in order to support themselves. Something that a lot of fellow musicians, and young adults can relate to. The track itself includes incredibly infectious hooks, a buoyant melody and a positive spirit, which overall makes for a heartening listen.

The band will also be announcing UK tour dates in the near future, but until then you can catch them at the following shows:
24.02.2016 – LONDON, New Cross Inn w/ Bellevue Days
04.03.2016 – KINGSTON, Fighting Cocks w/ High rise and Brightlight City


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