Myth City are a 4 piece band hailing form Birmingham, UK with addictive riffs and groovy beats, it really is hard not enjoy listening to these guys.

We recently sat down with Myth City after their headline show in Birmingham to talk about recent shows, tours & their influences.

Check out our Gallery of the show here

CP: You have recently come back off a tour with Fearless Vampire Killers, how did you find the whole experience of it, especially as how different they are to you? 

It was great! The tour package went well as none of the bands were too similar to each other, so each show was a great mix of music! The guys in FVK and Zoax are also great guys and we had an awesome time, especially for our first ever tour!

CP: What was it like to share the stage to a sold out albeit delayed show with Enter Shikari in Bristol and how did you find the reaction to yourselves? 

It was epic! Obviously we were gutted when the show got cancelled, but that gave us even more time to look forward to playing the show. Our reaction was amazing, for a band not many people had heard of opening for someone as huge as Shikari. We had moshpits and crowd surfing throughout which was sick!

CP: With songs like ‘The Vendetta’, where do you find your influence to write comes from? 

We all write together most of the time, we’ll start on a riff, groove or drum beat and then we will improvise together until we find something we like. We think vendetta started from Bhabs with that catchy opening riff of the song which we just added some tweaks and made a complete track out of it

CP: Including all your tours, festivals & one off shows, as a band what do you think has been your greatest achievement so far? 

So far Enter Shikari has been our greatest show and greatest achievement so far. Just thinking about it now, we were supporting a band who the next day were headlining the second stage at Download. That’s pretty cool right?

Myth City
Myth City

CP: Are there any bands in particular that you have drawn from to become what you are today? 

We all have a different taste of music so when we get together to write it’s cool having all these different influences that we all put into our work to create a finished sound. But some bands we all like in common are Rage Against The Machine and Deftones which you can hear in our own sound.

CP: You played Birmingham O2 Academy on the 28th August, did you expect big things from your last hometown show of the year & what do you think of the support band that has been added on to it, ‘I Cried Wolf’? 

Our show at the O2 was amazing! We had a cool turnout and was cool to play a headline show with all the new fans that we have acquired from the tours and shows that we have played since our last Birmingham show in January. (We missed the Birmingham show on the FVK tour).

We treated some fans to some new material as a thank you to them supporting us and waiting so long for another Birmingham show. I Cried Wolf were a brilliant support act and they defiantly got the crowd going for our set. Their vocalist, Harry wasn’t even on the stage for their set, just running around crazily in the crowd. Was lots of fun indeed!

Check out Myth City on their upcoming tour with Area 11, tickets can be found over at

Find their debut E.P available to buy on iTunes.

Interview by: Sean Shore (@seanshorephoto)


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